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August 22, 2018

Boutique Feature – AnderNicolle

When a friend opens a boutique, it is an exciting day! Especially when that friend has made shopping so much easier. I have a secret, I have always kinda hated shopping. I hate going to the store, looking around and trying on things. It is just an inconvenience. Well, cue Valerie Anderson, the owner of AnderNicolle, who just celebrated their one year business anniversary in January!

Something I love about this boutique, is that every Wednesday night they go Live on Facebooks and shows off her inventory whether it is new or repeating inventory and everyone can just comment what item they want and a size and she sends an invoice and bam! You just purchased a new outfit. What is really nice about the live videos is you really are able to ask specific questions and have them answered right away and get an explanation of the sizing of each article of clothing. It is basically like you have a personal shopper when you are tuned in!


My closet is now loaded with AnderNicolle clothing and I love sharing it with everyone I know. I counted the other day and I have 30+ items from her boutique. Before I continue to brag on the shop, I thought I would go ahead and mention that you can also use the code: Tatum10 at checkout for a sweet discount!

Boutique Feature - AnderNicolle


I thought I would quickly highlight a few of my favorite pieces –  my all time favorite dress is the one on the left – you can catch we wearing it all of the time in the spring and summer and it was the perfect outfit for my branding shoot! It is the perfect length and it is so easy to wear to something casual, but dress it up as well.


The second picture below is both a cute top and white jeans from the boutique and really is the epitome of my style. I like looking cute, but being comfortable, which is a major plus factor in most of the clothes you will find on Such a simple, comfortable, yet very cute outfit that I love throwing on for errands or meetings.



Boutique Feature - AnderNicolleAnother amazing thing about shopping Valerie’s live sales is she offers local pickup if you are in Jacksonville – so if you are all about skipping shipping costs, this is an amazing option. But, if you need it shipped, no worries, because she is the fastest shipper alive.  Shopping online can be really difficult and most the time I always have to return something – but with the experience that AnderNicolle offers you won’t be disappointed with your purchases.


You can also see AnderNicolle at various events around Jacksonville. Within the last year she has been seen at UNF, Bruval, wine festivals and you will definitely see her at more local events as time goes on!


She just launched her office wear line, Cynthia J, named after and inspired by her mother and it is perfect for all the ladies out there who struggle finding cute outfits for the office. As a small business owner myself, I am so excited to be able to shop trendy and affordable clothes to meet clients in. One of my fave work appropriate buys is the adorable blazer I am wearing in the first photo from this post. Every time I wear it I
get so many compliments and when I put it on I automatically feel like a mega boss babe. I’d buy this in 900 colors if it was an option.

I was so honored to get to help her plan her first biz bash in January and it was an amazing event with so many local bloggers and influencers and other small business owners who collaborated on an amazing night. I will share more about the party in the next few weeks!

If I haven’t already convinced you to go shopping – then I will tell you one last thing. AnderNicolle is an affordable boutique so that all women can have the joy of sprucing up their wardrobes! The website will shut down on Wednesdays for the live sales and will go back up the following day after all live sale invoices are paid off. It is really that simple ladies.

My husband has started asking the question “What did you buy this week?” When he comes to bed on Wednesday nights after he knows I got done watching the live sale. Valerie is also a great friend of mine and as you probably know by now, supporting other business owners is kinda my thing.

So, head over to shop and when you check out use code Tatum10 for a discount. You can also apply that code to live sales – all you have to do is message AnderNicolle to let her know you want to use it!


Happy shopping!


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