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Networking Do’s and Don’ts

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Like mentioned in a previous post on the importance of networking, there are major benefits to being involved in some sort of networking during your entrepreneurial journey. I did mention that there are some things you shouldn’t do, so I thought a networking do’s and don’ts post would be helpful. DO: Just show up: The […]

Networking Dos and Donts

Why invest in participating in a bridal show if you aren’t going to take it as seriously as possibly and make the best ROI that you can? Bridal shows and weddings expos have been around for many years and brides love attending these events because it is something that makes them feel special and can […]

How to be a successful vendor at a Bridal Show

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The Importance of Networking

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Networking is definitely not a new concept and there are many different forms of networking groups and events. I am not going to get into those individually, but instead I am going to tell you why it is important as an entrepreneur to be networking consistently. I am sure that you have heard the saying […]

Importance of Networking

Working from home can be tough, I get it. I fall victim to that comfy couch, the TV and my puppy distracting me often. That’s normal. However, being distracted by those things like dishes or laundry can cause your business to suffer. Your business deserves your full attention even if you work from home. Here […]

Tips to a Productive Day Working at Home

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Tips to Working From Home