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DIY Countertop Renovation

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We have always wanted to redo our countertops because we didn’t like the brown vibe, plus they never matched the backsplash we put in right when we moved into our house. Before I get into the project that led us to this end result, I did want to mention that first we ordered a kit […]

DIY Kitchen Countertops

When our original plans to have a big joint baby shower with all our friends in the Jacksonville area had to be changed due to Covid, it was tough – but we knew that gathering a ton of people in one place during this time just wasn’t smart. A small handful of friends of mine, […]

Mini Outdoor Baby Shower

Flamingo Theme Baby Shower

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Baby Girl Nursery

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I am so excited to fully reveal our baby girls nursery! I thought I was a picky person before I got pregnant, but discovered a new level of that when decorating Beckett’s room. I guess it is true, we want everything to be absolutely perfect for our kids and all of the things I thought […]

Working from home can be tough, I get it. I fall victim to that comfy couch, the TV and my puppy distracting me often. That’s normal. However, being distracted by those things like dishes or laundry can cause your business to suffer. Your business deserves your full attention even if you work from home. Here […]

Tips to a Productive Day Working at Home

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Tips to Working From Home