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DIY Countertop Renovation

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We have always wanted to redo our countertops because we didn’t like the brown vibe, plus they never matched the backsplash we put in right when we moved into our house. Before I get into the project that led us to this end result, I did want to mention that first we ordered a kit […]

DIY Kitchen Countertops

Click here to get links to the items related to this post. As a first time mom I really had no idea what the newborn necessities were going to be. Like many of you probably did, I relied on the advice from other friends and family members who have gone through this stage of life. […]

Newborn Necessities

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Functional Nursery Closet

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When it came to our nursery, I knew we were going to have to do some work in the closet. It just wasn’t a functional space and with all the things you have to have for a baby, I needed a new plan. So, we ripped out the existing clothing racks and got to work! […]

Nursery Closet

I know I am not the only one who scrolls through Instagram and who is following social media influencers who promote various products – I mean, I even get influenced just by friends of mine who share products that they like. Over time, I have been influenced to purchase a variety of things to try […]

I was Influenced. Was it worth it?

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