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Tatum Aleksey Diary

25 Things I have Learned

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The big 2-5. Everyone asks “do you feel older” on your birthday and usually my answer is no. But this year, turning 25 seems like a big milestone. In some ways I feel like I am so young and in others I feel like I am so old. I have accomplished some pretty awesome things […]

Luke and I have been in Jacksonville, Florida for a little over 3 years now. That is exactly 1,136 miles from our hometown Tulsa, Oklahoma (which is a rough 17 hour drive). We had no idea what to expect when we made the decision to move to the beach. We knew we wanted to experience […]

Our Experience Moving Half Way Across Country

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Movie Review – Series Introduction

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My husband and I were chatting the a few month ago after looking at another review of a movie that ended up giving us low expectations of a movie and then when we walked out of the theater, we were surprised with how good we thought it was. Those scores you see on Rotten Tomatoes, […]