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You’re Invited – Now what? Wedding Guest Etiquette

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I don’t know about you – but being a guest at a wedding is fun! Maybe I love it a little extra because as a wedding planner I am usually working the wedding instead of enjoying it, but who wouldn’t love a night of celebrating their friends and family, free food and alcohol and just […]

Rad Red Creative

So, you are planning your wedding, but you are stuck on design. You’d be surprised how many brides feel this way. I have created four wedding mood boards for a variety of different styles that may inspire you. What do I mean by inspire? Well, the goal in a mood board is to spark ideas […]

Four Wedding Mood Boards to Inspire You

Whimsical Beachy Wedding Design

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How a bride should prepare for a Bridal Show

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You’re engaged! Congratulations! There are so many exciting things that come with being engaged and I am sure you are thinking about all the wedding plans. Are you attending a wedding expo or bridal show? I know they are exciting and they can be extremely valuable for brides (great deals, great celebrations and great productivity […]

Why invest in participating in a bridal show if you aren’t going to take it as seriously as possibly and make the best ROI that you can? Bridal shows and weddings expos have been around for many years and brides love attending these events because it is something that makes them feel special and can […]

How to be a successful vendor at a Bridal Show

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