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February 13, 2019

Easy Ways to Improve Your Client Experience

Your client experience is one, if not the most important part, of running your business. If you don’t have a great client experience, then you won’t get very many referrals or repeat customers which is so important in a successful business. Having a great client experience leads to 5-star reviews and will increase the longevity of your business.

Client experience is a topic that can be discussed for a long time and it is something that develops over time in baby steps, but I wanted to give you all 4 ways you can improve your client experience now.

Set clear expectations up front:

When you book with a client you should always set clear expectations meaning what are your office hours, when will you respond to emails, how quick is your turn around, how many meetings do you allow, etc. Knowing all that information up front will allow your clients to understand your process and will avoid any disappointment. As business owners we can’t be responding to emails at 7:00 p.m. because we have families, but not all clients will think that is common knowledge. Just be very open about your process and your boundaries and your client experience will be off to a great start.


Start asking for feedback:

It is so important to ask for feedback from past clients because they will tell you things you may not think of. If they mention that they wish you did this or if they would change this then it may be something you consider implementing if more than one past client brings it up. Asking for feedback can be scary, but it is a very useful tactic.


Write down your entire process and fill in the holes:

The easiest way to find out where you can improve is writing down your entire process and workflow for a client, starting with them going to your website before hiring you. If you notice your website is hard to read and doesn’t represent you, then maybe you need to fix that. If you find that you have some holes in your process where you don’t talk to a client for two months, maybe you add something there to let them know you are still working on their project or getting excited for the upcoming event, etc.


Perform at a high quality at all times:

This seems like an obvious answer and you might think that you are already doing this – but it is important that you are putting in the same effort toward your small projects that you are in your bigger projects. Effort doesn’t mean time. I just mean that you are performing at the same level of expertise for every client. If you feel as though you have too many projects that some are not getting your best work, then you should consider taking on less clients or hiring someone to help in areas that will free up time for you to do your best work.


Client experience isn’t always about gifting, which is a common misconception. Personally, I do gift, but it fits in really well into my business and what I offer. If it doesn’t make sense for you, then don’t. You want to make sure your client experience is cohesive with your offerings. You have to remember that your client experience begins the moment someone lands on your website. Improving your client experience can lead to an even more successful business. Again, this topic can be discussed for hours – so if you ever want to chat about your personal client experience, email me!

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