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September 12, 2018

Favorite Items After One Year of Fab Fit Fun

Fab Fit Fun is a subscription box company that sends you a new box of full size products and goodies every season. I recently received my Spring box and that means I have been getting these amazing packages in the mail for a complete year. I wanted to share some of my favorite items from my first 4 boxes!


Tatum Aleksey - Fab Fit Fun Review
Avéne SPF 50 Sunscreen

Let me start off by saying, you will probably hear me say that I have sensitive skin a couple times throughout this blog post. I am allergic to oxybenzone which is an ingredient in most adult sunscreens and I have always had to use baby sunscreen when going out in the sun. I got this Avéne product in my first Fab Fit Fun box and it doesn’t have that ingredient and is perfect for sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic. I live on the beach so I quickly ran through this product and had to get more!


Michael Stars Beach Scarf

I have a hard time buying clothing items for myself and I always love what I get in my boxes. For the Summer box last year I got this super cute Michael Stars Beach Scarf that serves as a bathing suit cover up. It is really lightweight and fashion forward so I take it out to the beach often.


Juice Beauty Smoothing Eye Concentrate

This product literally made my eyes feel so smooth and fresh. I put it on in the morning and at night before bed and I fell in love with it. Again, sensitive skin and I have had no reactions to it. If you are looking for a product to take care of your eyes – this is the perfect one!


Cargo HD Highlighter

This stuff is the real deal! I love using it in the Spring and Summer months to make my skin look a little bit brighter and it has a very subtle shimmer. It also looks really great in photos and doesn’t cause your face to look shiny. I had just a little bit on the tip of my nose, cheekbones, the heart of my upper lip and chin.


Whish Mud Mask

This is another product I quickly went through. I used a little less than it tells you too just in case my skin couldn’t handle it, but it worked amazing. I would use it once a week before bed and it always made my skin feel amazing and you could really tell it made a difference.


Mer Sea Scarf – Blue

Not enough amazing things to say about this huge and super soft scarf. I live in Florida so I don’t get to Tatum Aleksey - Fab Fit Fun Reviewwear it as often as I would like, but I am always super happy when I get to. I love this scarf so much that my husband bought me a new one when I accidentally left mine at a wedding I was working and it wasn’t found at the venue. This is also one of the best deal products I have had in a box – I believe the retail around $90 and I pay only $49 for my Fab Fit Fun Boxes!


Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

I love love love this product and I didn’t think I would at all. When I thought pillow spray I had no idea what the point was, but I used it and it transformed my opinion. I keep it on my bedside table and spray it every night and I have no idea why it works but it just allows me to breath better and feel so relaxed before falling asleep.


Kate Somerville Exfoliation

This product is high end and I was so surprised to get it in one of my boxes. It tells you that if you have sensitive skin to leave it on for less than a minute but you can literally feel it working on your skin. There is a slight tingle and then when you rinse it off you can tell the impact it has on your skin and your pores.


BB Dakota Poncho

This poncho is perfect for traveling, which it seems like I have been doing more of lately. It also basically converts to a blanket when you are on the plan. I have it in gray, which I love because you can style it with many things.

Fab Fit Fun Deal - Tatum Aleksey


Vince Camuto Tote

This vegan leather tote bag is simply amazing. I try not to hoard too many bags because I never find myself actually switching them out so they just sit in closets, but this one is definitely going to be utilized a lot! It is the perfect size for my Macbook and it is such high quality. It retails for $128 so getting it in a Fab Fit Fun box is a steal!




There are so many other products I have loved in my Fab Fit Fun boxes, but in an attempt not to make this post a novel – I am going to leave it at those. I would highly recommend Fab Fit Fun, it is only quarterly and it is so much fun getting new products every time. The products above you should definitely check out and if you want to start getting your own boxes, reach out to me! Every season the discount codes and links change – so shoot me an email and I will send you over what you need to get $10 off!

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