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May 20, 2020

Four Wedding Mood Boards to Inspire You

So, you are planning your wedding, but you are stuck on design. You’d be surprised how many brides feel this way. I have created four wedding mood boards for a variety of different styles that may inspire you.

What do I mean by inspire? Well, the goal in a mood board is to spark ideas from you – to lead you in the direction that you decide for your wedding. It isn’t to say that you want to exactly replicate what is presented, but helps you understand a sense of cohesiveness and direction in your design.

I wanted to create a few fun designs for you and hopefully that will spark something inside you that brings out your desire for your wedding design. The importance of a great wedding design sometimes goes overlooked – but if you want to wow your guests with your attention to detail, coming up with a design plan BEFORE you hit the ground running on your wedding planning can make a huge impact. You can take your design plan to all of the wedding professionals you are interested in hiring and they can help bring that vision to life!

Whimsical Beachy Wedding Mood Board: You don’t have to be ON the beach to have a whimsical beach style wedding and it also doesn’t mean that you have to have starfish and pillars of sand. When clients of ours say they want a beachy wedding, most the time they also say, “but I don’t want it to be the clich√© beachy wedding.” So, what I do is think of the time of day that you love the beach the most? Is it sunset, midday, sunrise, etc. Now, think about the colors that you see on the beach. Those beautiful tones of tan, taupe and browns from the sand and piers and the beautiful tones of the sky and water as the sun starts to go down. Bring those into your wedding design to help bring that whimsical essence.

Keep your florals in that color scheme and also choose florals that have fun, feathery, light textures. Choose a location that embodies what you would see at the beach – maybe something adorned with palm trees. To add some “beach touches,” especially if this is a destination wedding, add beautiful oyster shells as place cards and fun coastal save the dates!

Whimsical Beachy Wedding Mood Board

Romantic Garden Wedding Mood Board: Are you dreaming of a beautifully tented outdoor wedding with a garden setting around you? That is great! We love the look of white against all the greenery you typically see in a garden. Make a statement with a beautiful aisle headed straight for an alter that looks like the garden was made just for your wedding day. Opt for a clear top tent so that you can take in your surroundings, but hang some beautiful green garlands from the ceiling with lighting.

When it comes to the word “romantic” lighting is going to play a huge role. Add in a subtle pop of color, like a dusty blue for an added flair and make a statement with your bar. A beautiful boxwood backdrop with a fun sign to wow your guests. Let’s be honest, your guests spend a lot of time at the bar.

Romantic Garden Inspired Mood Board

Edgy Wedding Mood Board: Are you more into dark, bold colors and looking for something a little edgier? Try finding a venue in a place that will help set that ambience, like a wine cellar or a cool local brewery. Use a lot of lighting to add contrast to the dark undertones of the wedding and have fun with velvet! Velvet is a rising trend right now and man, is it beautiful! Have your girls in velvet bridesmaids dresses and velvet table linens.

Choose florals that have bold and luscious colors such as burnt oranges and deep reds. Have a velvet or bold piece of furniture fixed under a big floral statement piece as a place for guests to sit and mingle and take photos. Use neon lighting to spruce up a martini bar or create a bride and groom custom beer tap. Don’t forget to have the bride wear something, like a custom leather jacket to really take her look to the next level!

Moody & Edgy Wedding Mood Board

Colorful Modern Mood Board: Is your style a bit more modern but you aren’t afraid to play with color? Make sure, when you are choosing to be colorful, that you are careful with choosing your color scheme. You want to make sure that all of the colors will blend together, but when you find the sweet spot – it is so beautiful. Have your girls dressed in the colors of your wedding and make sure you are particular about where the pops of colors are in your wedding.

Your florals are a great place to bring in those bright pops of colors and would looks especially great all over your dessert table. To add in your modern flair, use acrylic pieces and sharp edge shapes such as hexagon place cards, acrylic welcome signs, etc. Have a fun hanging installation that will wow your guests as they enter the room. Last but not least, have a modern bar presentation, like a White Claw Bar, Champagne on tap or a custom beer tap bar with bright florals. When choosing to do such a fun color palette, make sure you have a couple of neutrals to tone it down a bit – white is always a great neutral to use when you are going to be having a variety of bright, stand out colors!

Colorful Modern Wedding Mood Board

The other important thing to note about creating a mood board for your own wedding is that often times, you will find your images from Pinterest. All the above images were found there to be an example, but you want to make sure you are using Pinterest right when it comes to finding inspiration. What really do you love and hate about a particular image. Never take a Pinterest image to a vendor and expect them to be able to exactly replicate it. You need to have flexibility and even have ideas on how you want to take the inspiration of that photo and make it your own.

I have a great blog post on how to properly use Pinterest to plan your wedding here that you should check out!

Happy planning! I would love to hear about your wedding designs and how you came up with them and what inspired you to take your weddings in those directions! We also offer virtual planning meetings if you want to talk to a professional about your wedding specifically. Just email

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