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June 3, 2020

Functional Nursery Closet

When it came to our nursery, I knew we were going to have to do some work in the closet. It just wasn’t a functional space and with all the things you have to have for a baby, I needed a new plan. So, we ripped out the existing clothing racks and got to work!

Now, we have this beautiful, functional closet that offers so much space. The best part is, it will be easy to adjust with our needs in the future. If we need more hanging clothes space, we can add that – we can adjust the shelves (add more or change the heights, etc). But this is going to be the perfect setup for years!

The best part is we did this closet renovation for less than $350! I wanted to share a step-by-step of how we created this space and I will show you how we actually organized it all.

Step One: After tearing down the old clothing rack and removing the popcorn ceiling, we painted the closet. We just used left over white paint that we had from other projects around the house. You could choose to paint it the same color you are going to use for the nursery walls or you could even wallpaper it!

Step Two: Ordering a PAX closet system from Ikea and installing. The MOST important part to this step is taking the correct measurements. At first I tried to measure the space inside the closet instead of the measurements of the door frame. You have to keep in mind that in order to get the system into this style of closet, you have to plan around the door frame to ensure that it will fit properly. I encourage you to take all the measurements of your closet and photos to an Ikea employee so they can help you make sure you are getting the right size.

We started from scratch and used this frame that was 39 3/8×22 7/8×92 7/8″. Then we added three drawers (this is where you can customize, if you want more or less drawers, if you want the drawers that you can see inside, etc.) Then we got five shelves (2 are on the outside of the system, which I will talk about a little later). The three inside the system, you can choose to place wherever makes the most sense for you, but I encourage you placing one right on top of the highest drawer, otherwise you will be able to see inside the drawer.

Step Three: Then, we wanted some clothing racks, of course, so to the right side of the Pax system we installed some rods. We found these natural color wood rods from Home Depot (they match the natural tones in our nursery, but you can select whatever rods you want) and we used end caps to finish the look. We bought one long clothing rod and just cut it down to make two different rods. The most important thing we did hear was use brackets that screwed into the back wall and the rod sits on top – rather than having to screw holes into the side of the Pax system. Plus, these particular brackets allowed for use to sit two of the shelves on top giving us even more storage!

This entire setup cost us almost exactly $350 to do and it was so worth it. The closet is 10x more functional now than it was before. Now we have plenty of storage in here and everything has a place with no clutter!

How we have utilized the space: Obviously we hang her clothes on the two clothing racks. The two shelves above the clothes are used to place storage baskets and our Boppy Pillow. Then, in two of the baskets that I purchased from Target, I store clothes that are are little bigger of sizes and when Beckett grows into them, we will switch those out to be hanging up. In another basket we have swaddles. The two storage cubes are also from Target and I love that I could use them to bring in a blue color. One of the bins has toys in it and the other is currently empty until we figure out what will be best to store in it. What is amazing is that between the closet and the dresser in her nursery I have so much extra space that we will be able to grow into.

In the top drawer we have baby blankets and some Ikea organizers that have her bathing suits, socks and mittens, shorts and diaper covers. In the second drawer we are storing some miscellaneous items such as the baby carrier, changing mats, extra Boppy covers, etc. and in the third drawer we have all her shoes. (We also have a dresser in her nursery that has all her onesies and changing items, etc., – which I will share soon)!

We have a larger basket sitting on the floor that has all the cute stuffed animals that she has received as gifts or were mine and her dad’s growing up and we will also sit a laundry basket in here as well!

The closet space was the first thing we worked on when we found out we were pregnant and I am so happy that we worked to make this space more functional. Like I mentioned, there is extra space that we will be able to grow into and with the PAX system we can always add drawers, shelves and other things as needed in the future. If you have the ability to get creative with your nursery closet, I highly suggest it. There are so many things you have to have for a baby so the organization will help your sanity!

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