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September 12, 2018

How Honeybook Can Help Your Business

Here’s the thing. When you are a business owner, you need and want the mundane repetitive tasks to be as easy and seamless as possible, not only to give a better client experience, but to also free up more time for you to be doing the part of your job that you are passionate about. Before I found Honeybook I was emailing over contracts that the client had to print off, sign and scan back to me. Before I found Honeybook I needed to take cash or check. Before I found Honeybook I had an excel spreadsheet that kept track of inquiries coming in, bookings, money coming in, etc. There are many other systems out there, but I am a strong advocate for HB and I wanted to use this blog post to highlight some of my favorite features and how it can help your business.

Honeybook for your Business

Seamless Onboarding and Inquiry Process

HB gives you the ability to integrate your contact form on your website so that when someone fills it out and submits it, it will automatically populate into your inquiry section of your pipeline. At this point you can either have your workflow begin (workflows are an automatic system you can set up so based on your process that will automatically begin) or you can manually go in and send a brochure or whatever your first step in the process is with a client.


Honeybook for BusinessTemplates

This is probably one of my favorite features of all time. You can create various different templates to use so that you can send them with just a click of the button. All of my contracts are uploaded on there with and clients just have to click and fill in their info and then sign. Super easy! I also have brochures on there that serve as my pricing guide. You can set it up to where once they select a package from your brochure it will automatically send them over the booking info! Last but certainly not least I have so many email templates set up and I just click on the email template based on the inquiry and bam, no work for me! It is magical.





I really love the report feature for HB because it tracks my booking success rate and I didn’t think it was a big deal to do that – but as my business grows and I am learning more about being an entrepreneur, I have learned how important it is to know that sort of data. It also reports your payments coming in, and value of booked events. It keeps track of payments and will send out payment reminders to your clients if you would like it to.



You are able to run reports and pull up excel documents with all of your financials through HB and you can integrate your Quickbooks account with HB as well – which is super helpful and something my CPA husband is super impressed with. Another recent collaboration HB did, is team up with Track that will automatically take out what you will probably owe for taxes so that come filing time your job is a lot less complicated! We are really excited about this new feature.


Always GrowingHoneybook for Business

Because I talked about HB collaborations with Track and Quickbooks, it is important to note that they are ALWAYS collaborating with new companies that will enhance the Honeybook experience. They also have hackathons on the regular and implement new tools and enhancements. I am always super impressed with how the community can say “this would be so awesome if we could do this through HB” and then bam, it usually happens. They have an amazing concierge service as well that helps you get all setup and started into HB without any stress – they will upload your contracts, brochures, questionnaires, everything you need to hit the ground running.


I could probably write a book about how amazing Honeybook is. Seriously. I don’t know how I ran my business without it before I discovered it and anything that truly impresses my husband is a big deal. It allows me to run my business confidently, it allows my clients to have a place to come back to and see all of their details of the project, it allows me to stay organized and truly what is happening deep inside my business. If you think you are ready to check it out and give it a try – you can click here and get 50% your first year using my affiliate link. If you have any questions and want to talk about it more – please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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