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March 31, 2020

How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding

Pinterest became a thing in March of 2010 and it took the world by storm – especially the wedding planning world. It is a platform that brides love to use and wedding professionals hate to go up against. It doesn’t have to be a love/hate relationship, we can all live in a world that loves and utilizes Pinterest in the best ways possible. I am going to get down to the truth about Pinterest and how it can actually be used when wedding planning. 

Disclaimer: I LOVE Pinterest and that is why I wanted to write this post so that we can all learn to love it for the right reasons. 

I want to first start off by just expressing a reason why vendors sometimes see Pinterest as a negative resource. It is because their brides are bringing them photos they found on the app and causing them to have unrealistic expectations. Many weddings that have the highest hits on Pinterest and that you are seeing are a part of one of the following two groups. 1. A wedding that had a very high budget or 2. A Styled Shoot. 

Styled Shoot – A way for wedding professionals to show off their ideal style and build their style portfolio. Often times, styled shoots are on a very small scale i.e. only shows one table setup, one bouquet, etc., but would actually be very expensive on a larger scale. I LOVE styled shoots. I think they are a perfect opportunity for vendors to get completely creative and put together a piece of work that will inspire brides. Which brings me to the first tip for brides. 

Use Pinterest as inspiration. Don’t go to a vendor and show them a picture and expect to get that exact image at a low cost. If you aren’t stressed out about the cost and have a high budget, that may be a different story, however, brides must keep in mind that to create that table setting for your fifteen reception tables can be an extremely high cost. Instead, gather images and when you show them to vendors, be able to tell them what specifically you love about that image. 

For example you might show your planner a table setup and say “I really love the way they have this napkin folded with a menu tucked inside of it and I really love the shape of this centerpiece.” Then, you can pull up photos of menus and centerpieces and begin to express different elements you like of those. 

Allow your inspiration to create something new, fresh and unique. As a wedding planner, I love when my brides want to bring something different to the table and all of your vendors will love you for this as well. It gives them an opportunity to get creative alongside you and when you give your wedding professionals creative freedom, beautiful results happen. Say you find this image of a gorgeous seating chart and your calligraphy artist asks you to point out what you love and what you don’t necessarily love about it. The two of you (alongside your planner) can then brainstorm unique ideas that will bring a touch of your personality into it and make it truly unique for your wedding. This is magic. This is where your own wedding can become “Pinterest worthy” because you aren’t just following the lead, you are designing your one-of-a-kind day. 

Let your weddingprofessionals lead the conversation. Show your images to your wedding professionals, really, please do. This article is not to make you stray away from Pinterest. Show your images and then let them lead the conversation. The best example for this would to be to describe a potential floral meeting. You pull up a Pin of a bridal bouquet and the florist is going to begin asking you questions. “Do you like the type of flower being used or just the color of the flowers?” Do you like the fullness of this bouquet or are you wanting something tighter and more neat?” “Do you like how much greenery they have incorporated into this bouquet or do you want less of that?” There are so many elements that can happen when you show a florist a bouquet.

If the image you pulled up is full of peonies and roses, she is going to either make sure you have a higher budget and know that these are two very expensive flowers or maybe she will give you other alternatives that are less expensive but give off a similar style or look. Or maybe you are aware that peonies are pricey, but you love that flower and you are okay with increasing your budget, but peonies aren’t in season at the time of your wedding – your florist will show you other options that you will love that will accommodate to the season. Or you pull up a white rose bouquet and say I love this but I can’t afford roses or I love that it is all white, but I am just not a fan of roses – they will help you find a flower that you can afford and that matches your style! This will happen with all of your vendors – they will be able to take your favorite Pinterest saves and lead you in the direction that fits your personality and your budget. 

Don’t just pin, click through. You can find your ideal wedding professionals on Pinterest and actually book them and make real progress on your wedding planning by clicking through on your pins. Most of the time, pins are linked to a website, whether it be the photographer who took the photo, the planner who designed the wedding, the blog that published the wedding or the person who sells that product. Type in keywords that translate to your location (ex: Jacksonville Weddings) and when you find an image you love click through and see where it leads. You can get connected with so many vendors. If it is a blog publication, they will have linked every single vendor that was involved in that wedding and that is a great resource for you to use and a resource I wish brides used more often. So, click through and see where it leads you and if it leads you to someone you are interested in, contact them! 

Even search for vendors that you have had your eye on and check out their Pinterest pages – I recently listened to a talk by Irene Hardy with Magnoliahouse Creative and she gave great knowledge on why vendors should always be pinning their ideal styles and their own work and it’s because brides could be watching. So, brides should check out specific vendor pages to see if their styles align. 

Use Pinterest as a connection for your most important people. If my brides letme know that they have a Pinterest board, then I ask to be added to it so that I can reference it as a resource when I am designing. Brides should also add their photographer, maid of honor, mother, anyone who is involved in your wedding planning journey. They are able to quickly jump on and see inside your mind and where you are drawing inspiration from. Which, brings me to the point of editing your descriptions. You should always edit your description to remind yourself and others what about a specific image you love or what idea it has given you! 

*Another quick tip – Stay extra organized and create separate boards for each category (Wedding Flowers, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Desserts, Wedding Photography Poses, etc.). When you do this you are able to quickly jump on that board and find the image you were looking for rather than scrolling endlessly through one large board trying to find this specific image to show someone. 

I hope that you have taken this information to heart and that you begin to really utilize Pinterest in the best way possible so that you get the wedding of your dreams and so that you allow your vendors to serve you that much better. When you narrow down what you specifically love from your pins and when you also open your mind to alternatives and new ideas, a whole new world will open up! 

If you are interested, here is a snapshot of my Pinterest page. You can check it out here.  

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