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May 6, 2020

I was Influenced. Was it worth it?

I know I am not the only one who scrolls through Instagram and who is following social media influencers who promote various products – I mean, I even get influenced just by friends of mine who share products that they like. Over time, I have been influenced to purchase a variety of things to try out for myself. I thought it would be fun to share some of those things and which items I was happy with and which I could have gone without.

Slippers: (Looks like they are currently not available) These slippers are my favorite! They were definitely an item that I was pleased with and wear them around the house a lot. I have never been a big slipper wearer because I couldn’t find a pair that I liked, until now. These are open toe – which is a big factor for me because my feet don’t get too hot (the reason I hated most other slippers) and it was a huge bonus that these have a hard bottom so that you can wear them outside without ruining them. Plus, they are reasonably priced and come in a variety of colors. Influenced Win!

Beachwaver: I haven’t had the chance to play with this enough to really make a decision about it. It definitely still takes practice for the hair styling challenged, like myself. The first time I used it, one side of my hair was great and the other, not so great. So, it just takes practice as with a normal curling iron. I do think it is easier and faster for me and I am excited to get good at it – but if it isn’t something that will come naturally right away, unless you are already good at doing hair.

Blanqi Maternity Leggings: I have a hard time spending a lot of money on clothes – I just have never been good at it, although I have expensive taste. Which leads me to not shopping a lot. Well, I heard these were amazing from several people and they were right. They are very high quality and I will probably wear them even when I am not pregnant. They have grown with my belly so well and they are long enough, which is a big deal for me since I have such long legs.

Massager: This is one of those items that I saw, mentioned to my husband and then he bought as a gift, which was so sweet! It feels really good when you do use it, but I have had a hard time getting into the habit of actually using it. The biggest downside to this product and one huge reason I rarely use it, is you have to be seated next to an outlet, which is really inconvenient. I would say this is something that didn’t quite live up to my expectation – although I do think it would be great as a Father’s Day gift!

Shark Handheld Vacuum: I really enjoy this product. I like that it is sleek looking, so it can be sitting on one of our shelves and doesn’t necessarily “look” like a vacuum. We have pulled this out several times to get dog hair off our ottoman or just various small messes. I think this will be even greater and more often used once we have Beckett and she makes messes. I have used it to clean out my car as well. Nice, handheld size and my husband uses it a lot too!

Fab Fit Fun: This is one of the first things that I was influenced on. I have been getting Fab Fit Fun boxes for a couple of years now. Although there are always a couple of products inside that I don’t use – it is a fun treat and I have been able to discover a lot of brands that I really enjoy. Any product that I don’t use, I just give as a gift.

Tula: I am sure if you follow any blogger you have heard of Tula. It is one of the most talked about companies that I hear about – almost to the overwhelming point, but hey, I guess that is great marketing for them! Anyway, I got a couple of their products and I LOVE them. Mainly because I have very very sensitive skin and these products are hypoallergenic and very gentle on my skin. I use the facial cleanser every night and I also have their eye balm stick that I enjoy using on occasion.

Waffle Knit Long Sleeve: I have always been skeptical of buying clothes on Amazon, but one of my favorite influencers (shoutout to @thesisterstudioig) mentioned these shirts and I ordered a couple in various colors and I love them! I wear them often, they have even been bump friendly and they wash really well. I have sense ordered more Amazon clothes and have learned to just read the reviews.

Acrylic Computer Monitor Stand: This one is kinda random but I really love acrylic pieces and my husband took over my office while he is working from home. He tends to clutter up the desk quite a bit, so I ordered this and I love that is helps organize the desk a bit more, looks great and he says he loves the monitor being up a bit higher. It is very thick and sturdy too!

Bar Keepers Friends Soft Cleanser: Eh, this one was a fail. I was influenced to buy this when someone said it was great getting rust out of sinks and around faucets. Literally bought it about two seconds later because we are experiencing that in our guest bathroom. We were excited to try it out and it didn’t work. Hoping to find use for it in other areas and just for general cleaning, but was disappointed that it didn’t get the rust off our sink.

Harper Wilde Bliss Bra: Yes. Yes. Yes. This has been a great bra – especially while pregnant because it doesn’t have a wire. The only downsides is it is really only good for when you are wearing t-shirts – any other style and it will show some. It could use cups too, but other than that, it is very comfortable and I actually plan to order more and want to try their other styles.

Old Navy Tunic: This tunic is one of my favorites and I have it in multiple styles. I had seen a few people purchase it and rave about it, but I didn’t order online. I actually just picked it up in store one day when I was out and about and I am glad I did. I ended up jumping online and ordering a few more colors. Great to wear with leggings and bump friendly. I sized up to a Large for length!

Overall, I have been pretty pleased with the things that I have found through influencers, but there are the occasional fails. I think you just have to think about whether you really want or need something, versus whether you just think it is cool. If you aren’t sure you are going to use it – you probably won’t. As always, I still encourage people to read reviews on the products. We’d like to think people aren’t promoting stuff that don’t actually work, but you never know and you want to be a smart shopper!

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