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May 26, 2020

It’s a Girl! Gender Reveal!

If you are like me, then you want your gender reveal to not be like every other gender reveal that you see these days AND you want it to be something that has some sort of meaning to you, your husband and your growing family.

My husband and I (pre-pandemic) would go to the movie theater once a week, if not more. That has always just been what we enjoyed to do. It started in college, that would be our date night, we even went to see a movie the night we got engaged. Haha! In more recent times we would go with our friends a lot and even have a podcast reviewing movies.

So, when an old movie theater turned into a venue here in Jacksonville, I knew I had to ask them if I could use their space for my gender reveal. Clay Theatre was the absolutely perfect location for these pictures that we will always remember.

When choosing attire for our gender reveal, I also didn’t want to do something that didn’t match up with the theme of everything. We chose the movie theater because that was something we do all of the time and we don’t go to the movies dressed like we are about to walk a red carpet, so we opted for more casual attire. This MAMA shirt from Little Mama’s Shirt Shop was perfect and of course had to have Luke in the pinkest shirt he owned.

We brought popcorn and candy, just like we’d get from the concession stands on date night. The difference between this and our normal movie theater outing – our daughter’s name in lights! How amazing that we could announce her gender and her name on the marquee sign at the theater. I can’t wait to show her these photos in the future – who knows, maybe she will see her name in lights again one day!

We went all out even more and had these movie posters designed to put up at the theater in their movie poster cases. This made it feel like the complete picture. My husband came up with the movie titles – New Girl in Town and Beckett – Based on a True Story. We kept the posters, of course and I will cherish them forever.

Our photographer, Bri Cibene, captured these pictures so perfectly and she even designed the posters and brought her cotton candy machine! Then, we moved to a different spot in the theater for some fun photos with a big, beautiful and PINK balloon arch done by The Party Lane.

I am obsessed with these pictures – not just because it is marking a special moment in our life, but because we came up with something that was unique and meaningful to us. I hope this inspires other mama-to-be’s to do something for their pictures that speaks to them as a family or even inspires them to do a fun movie theater themed shoot!

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