jess day - new girl

"I'm gonna have fun 'cause there's nothing wrong with who i am."

Hi friends! 
When I was younger I kept honing in on these dream careers that were one-in-a-million jobs. I wanted to be a famous model, design NFL uniforms and be a sportscaster on ESPN. 

Now, I am not saying these aspirations were impossible, but as I attempted to pursue them I realized they weren't my calling

When I started my wedding and event planning business that was the point when I realized that I found a job I loved and a journey I was excited to be on: entrepreneurship. 

& now we are here. I started this blog to connect with others and to utilize that journalism and writing background that I still love. I hope to use this platform to write about my entrepreneurial and personal life and maybe you'll find some inspiration along the way. 

I am the girl who is always 10+ minutes early to everything because I hate being late. The girl who over plans everything and packs several days before a trip. I am the girl who cries at every season finale (I could literally have never seen a previous episode and would probably still cry). 
I am an ENFJ personality type. When I was little I was this weird mix of super shy and randomly outgoing. I am a very hard worker. I graduated from the University of Arkansas in 3 years and at the age of 22 I started Make My Day Wedding & Event Planning
I am a proud ginger! I spend way too much money on getting people gifts. I watch the bachelor/ette and I'm not afraid to admit it. I met this guy who first thought I was a fake Facebook profile and ended up marrying him. But most importantly, I do everything I do with the best intentions and a whole lot of passion.
I have no idea if what I am doing will make the grand scale impact on people's lives that I am hoping it will - but, I am not the type to not try.