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June 30, 2020

Mini Outdoor Baby Shower

When our original plans to have a big joint baby shower with all our friends in the Jacksonville area had to be changed due to Covid, it was tough – but we knew that gathering a ton of people in one place during this time just wasn’t smart.

A small handful of friends of mine, who are a part of a networking group that I lead asked if I would be open to a mini get together, outdoors, so that we could catch up and celebrate Baby B. These girls are not only great friends of mine, but they are the closest thing I have to co-workers, so it was like an “office shower” and boy did they surprise me with how they outdid themselves.

It was such a fun Flamingo/tropical themed shower with light bites, a “Momosa Bar,” fun games and just some good girl time. They spoiled me with the sweetest gifts for our baby girl and we laughed and caught up with each other after months of not getting to see each other. I’ll never forget the fun conversations of what we call our grandma’s and what our kids will call or do call theirs, we checked in on each others businesses (because we are all getting thrown for a loop with Covid) and we talked about all the things I will be soon experiencing in motherhood.

What’s a party without chick-fil-a mini’s and a beautiful cake from Alleycakes? Plus, a brunch style charcuterie board complete with mini waffles – I mean, it was just perfect.

All the stationery fit with the flamingo theme and we played games such as a sock hunt, name the Disney parents and how many baby items can you name (this was where I discovered I DO NOT know enough yet!)

Balloon garlands, handmade earring party favors, non-alcoholic Ready to Pop champagne and it was just the perfect day. We were outside as it was my doctors recommendation that if I am going to socialize leading up to our delivery that we do so outside. The weather was perfect and the only time we got within 6 feet was to snap a few pictures and for me to quickly give my girls a hug!

I am so thankful for these friends for making this time special and can’t wait for Beckett to meet all of them. Our baby girl has so many women surrounding her that are beautiful role models.

Also, because these ladies are fellow small biz owners, I thought I would share their pages with you too. They are great people to know when you are in need of their services!

Bri Cibene | Heather O’Brien Design | Events Uncorked | Jordan Keenan Photography | Cultivated Edits

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