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February 7, 2019

Movie Review – Series Introduction

My husband and I were chatting the a few month ago after looking at another review of a movie that ended up giving us low expectations of a movie and then when we walked out of the theater, we were surprised with how good we thought it was. Those scores you see on Rotten Tomatoes, Imdb and IGN are usually scores that take into consideration the things that win academy awards and well.. we don’t necessarily care about the costume design or score of a movie.

I decided that I would start a series on the blog where I reviewed movies (with the occasional input from my husband) and score them so that the more average movie-goer might relate better to our thoughts on the movies. Luke and I are at the movie theater almost every weekend at least once. We love seeing movies as soon as we can and with the Cinemark app it is such a cheap date that always entertains us.


I figured we better tell you a little bit about what movies we are drawn toward and which we tend to like the most so that you have a general idea of our movie taste. To be completely honest, I like most movies. It is pretty rare for me to hate a movie, but there are a few out there I didn’t like at all. How I figure out what my favorite movies are, are the ones I able to watch over and over again.


For me personally, I am not the biggest fan of movies that are set in the distant past. It has to be a great storyline for it to hold my attention. I only like a few war based movies, such as Fury, The Hurt Locker and American Sniper. We both love animated movies and anything Disney, because you are crazy if you don’t. One of Luke’s favorite animated is Frozen and my favorite is the classic Little Mermaid and we both really enjoyed Zootopia.

I like movies that probably not a lot of people like, such as Divergent, but when you have Theo James to look at…  I like comedies but they are usually just pretty good to me, if there is a comedy that makes me laugh out loud in the movie theater I am pleased! I also really don’t navigate toward the inappropriate comedy movies – one of the few I have actually liked is Deadpool. However Luke enjoys comedies a lot!

We are big Marvel fans. We are always buying tickets for opening day and sometimes we go back to see it a second time to catch anything we may have missed the first time. Luke is also drawn toward sci-fi movies like The Martian or Ready Player One.

And last but not definitely not least, a movie that can make me cry is a winner in my book. Where are my ladies that agree?


Luke and I are ridiculous when it comes to movies. We actually buy movies (who does that anymore) so our library of blu-rays is getting a bit excessive. One of my favorite parts of going to the movie is sitting through the previews and we always look at each other after each one and determine if it is something we are excited about or if we will wait for Redbox.


I also thought we would list our top 5 favorite movies for you! This is so hard and I am pretty sure that my list changes by the day and what mood I am in. I had to rewatch some of these for this post to make sure they were still worthy of being on my top 5.

Tatum’s Top 5 (in no particular order because that is impossible)

We are Marshall

Me Before You

Iron Man 3

The Other Woman

The Little Mermaid




Luke’s Top 5

Wreck it Ralph

Anything Marvel

Cool Runnings

Step Brothers

The Martian


So, stay tuned for movie reviews coming your way!



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