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September 20, 2018

My Plexus Story & No, I don’t Sell it

The title of this blog post is the most important part – I am not a distributor of this product who is trying to get you to buy from me. Truth is, my mom is with the company although if you know her, she has a hard time posting on social media and “selling” products – she just buys it for herself and my dad. She sent me some of the Plexus products after I told her some of the issues I had been having and I wanted to report my results.

Plexus Results - Tatum Aleksey


The first and probably most important thing I take is the ProBio 5. Everyone should be on a probiotic whether it is the Plexus or something you buy from a place like Walgreens. I have had some issues with blisters on my cheeks and eyelids in the past and that are still sometimes reoccurring and when speaking to the doctor, she really encouraged me to get on a probiotic and that when I started to have similar issues or when I started to feel like I was getting sick to double up on my dose. A probiotic keeps your body healthy and balanced and everyone should be taking them. Although I can’t say I won’t ever get a breakout of blisters again, I know that if I feel something coming on, I can always double up on my probiotics and it will help my system fight it off quicker!



Now, I want to show some other pretty amazing results that I have had.

Three other things I take on a daily basis is the Bio Cleanse, Plexus Slim (Pink Drink) and the Plexus Accelerator (to be paired with your pink drink and not meant for long term use).

I can’t recall when it started, but sometime within the last year and a half to two years I started developing some sort of weird rash on my hands. It wasn’t something you could see super clearly when my hands were dry, but when I got out of the shower my palms had this major dead skin looking rash on it that wouldn’t come off no matter how much lotion, treatment or picking I did at it. You can see the before photos below.

Plexus Results - Tatum Aleksey


It was continuous, it never got better, in fact, it was getting worse. Then, I started on my Plexus regimen and things changed. After a couple of months of consistently using the products I had seen a major difference and it just kept getting better. Now, I don’t see any sign of it.





See the after photos of my hands. This amazes me and makes me really happy. No the “rash” didn’t hurt, not a lot of people saw it, but it bothered me and I wanted it gone and I can 100% say thanks to Plexus, it is completely gone.

Plexus Results - Tatum Aleksey Plexus Results - Tatum Aleksey


Other things I have noticed:

Slim has a tiny bit of caffeine (like 2%) along with many other healthy components, but because of this it actually helps avoid caffeine headaches. I am not a coffee drinker at all, but I do love to have a Dr. Pepper daily – but that doesn’t always happen. I don’t keep Dr. Pepper in the house, so the pink drink definitely helps curb the craving for one! Anyone who wants to cut back on their coffee or soda intake – I would say you should try out the pink drink. I will say, you do have to be consistently drinking it every day for you to start to see the benefits.

I have paired all of these products with a better workout schedule and healthier eating and I have seen some great progress in my body. I do feel like my energy level is higher now that I am consistently taking Plexus and it has helped me keep up a good regimen to tone up my body.  It is like I have sort of a partner in Plexus to help me get there, it really motivates me to keep at it every day.

Anyway, I am really excited about the results I have seen so far and I am excited to research other products and see how I can implement them into my daily routine. If you want to hear more about my journey, feel free to shoot me an email. Or, if you want to hear more about products and get your own, email


Recap of products I take:

1 ProBio 5 daily

2 Detox and Cleanse daily

1 Accelerator daily (will stop after bottle is gone – not intended for long term use – just kickstarts your metabolism)

1 Plexus Slim Stick daily with a bottle of water.

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