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August 10, 2020

Newborn Necessities

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As a first time mom I really had no idea what the newborn necessities were going to be. Like many of you probably did, I relied on the advice from other friends and family members who have gone through this stage of life. As we conquered the first few weeks of parenthood, we definitely found ourselves relying on specific items more than others and even ended up placing quite a few last minute orders for things we didn’t realize we’d need!

I would love to share with all the other mom-to-be’s out there what products we think are newborn necessities so you can be even more prepared for this exciting chapter in your life!

Dr. Browns Bottles – specifically the anti-colic option. We are loving these bottles and Beckett seems to take to them very easily. We are hand washing mostly – but they are dishwasher safe as well.

Boppy Newborn Lounger – She is OBSESSED with this thing. Probably our most used newborn item so far. She loves to be cuddled up in it on the couch next to us. We’ll be sad when she outgrows this – but we have a Dock a Tot that she will use when that happens!

Hushh Sound Machine – Man, we love this thing too! It is small and portable so you can take it on the go (attach to car seat to soothe them while in the car or at doctors appointments) and we just sit it right inside her bassinet at night.

Water Wipes – Love water wipes! We actually get free diapers and baby wipes because of my father-in-laws job, but we still wanted to use water wipes too, especially when she’s a newborn and might have more sensitive skin. More than that, we can use these wipes on our hands, her face, etc., without worrying about chemicals.

Ollie Swaddle – One of the swaddles that she loves is the Ollie Swaddle. We love it too because of how easy it is to put on (it velcros, so no crazy wrapping up) It is also very soft and cozy. You can use it with arms down and out.

Love to Dream Swaddle – Another winner in the swaddle game. This one allows for baby’s arms to be up which is great since our baby girl likes to have her hands in her face. This is also a zipper so middle of the night changing is so easy!

Halo Bassinet – We have really loved having the Halo Bassinet next to our bed. It is easy to keep an eye on baby girl while she is sleeping and not having to walk across the house to her nursery. With how many times you are waking up when they are newborns, having them right there is very convenient.

Changing Pads – Lifesavers. That is what these are. We put one on top of our changing stations and so if there are any accidents (she loves to pee on us while we are changing her) they are easy to wipe down and throw in the dirty clothes without having to take off our changing pad sheet and wash constantly. These are also great to have in our diaper bag for on the go diaper changes. We had a pack of 4 before we brought her home and love them so much that we ordered more!

Ryan and Rose Pacifiers – If you are okay with using pacifiers, we really love Ryan and Rose brand. Beckett loves them, plus they are teethers as well so they are dual use. They are cute too, which is always an added perk!

Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer – We love our bottle warmer because it is quick and easy to use, doesn’t look ridiculous on our counter tops and has proven to be one of the most used items since we have been using a lot of bottles. It takes a little over 2 minutes to heat a bottle for the amount we are using right now.

Aquaphor – Babies have sensitive skin and when their tushes get a little red, it can really upset them, so Aquaphor has been a huge help in making sure that her bottom stays comfortable!

Frida Baby Silicone Brush – This little silicone brush is great to use when you are washing your baby’s hair. It is comfortable for them and helps prevent or get rid of cradle cap. All the other Frida Baby essentials are great too!

Like I said, it was hard to predict what items were going to get the most use in those first few weeks and I am glad I can share our experience and what products have been necessities for us! I think every parent could benefit greatly from all the items on this list.

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