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"Even on the worst days there's a possibility for joy."

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the things that get me through my

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contracts, brochures/questionnaires & other crm capabilities for business owners


post scheduling, comment and hashtag management  for instagram users


income and expense recording, accounting for small businesses.


organizational platform, team management & to-do lists

fab fit fun

quarterly subscription box with the most popular items for each season. Full size products

pixel eyewear

blue light glasses that protect your eyes from staring at your computer and tv screens

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for all the invitations and stationery needs in life. birthdays, showers, weddings, etc. 

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I want to inspire every person that enters the Tatum Aleksey website. Whether a business blog inspires you to take a great step in your entrepreneurial journey or a travel blog inspires you to book your next family trip - I want everyone to take away something from here. I promise to continually bring you content and other projects that have the purpose of inspiring you. 


I want to provide Tatum Aleksey viewers with resources that will help them in various aspects of life. Business, travel, blogging, planning, parenting, etc. I want our content to be truly valuable to everyone. I promise to provide shoppable content and fun freebies that I truly believe in.


I want every person who visits our website or social media to feel supported. Tatum Aleksey is a friendly brand who loves connecting with others in an effort to help each other grow in life. With a strong passion for encouraging others, I promise to read every comment and email and to do my absolute best to be transparent and be your biggest cheerleader