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August 19, 2018

Secrets to a Successful Branding Shoot

If you are a business owner it is important that your website is portraying the heart and style behind your brand and one way to do that is by have a branding shoot done. The reason a branding shoot is important is because you’ll create consistent imagery on your website that will convey your personality perfectly in line with your brand.

I am so excited to take you into my recent branding shoot to give you the best advice on a shoot you do in the future!

First and foremost, when prepping for your branding shoot and getting together your materials and props you really want to think of your brand, your personality and what makes sense to include as well as the tone you want to set when people visit your site. Do you want it to be super professional/all business or are you looking to be more playful and friendly? What is the tone of your business – knowing the answer to that question will help you decide what direction to take your shoot.

Secrets to a Successful Branding Shoot

When gathering materials and props to use during the shoot you want to think about those things as well. If you don’t drink coffee, does it make sense to have a coffee cup as a prop? If you despise wearing heels, why put them on for a shoot that is supposed to represent your true self?

Because of these things I chose to have a Dr. Pepper on my desk instead of a coffee cup – I wore outfits that match my personality and I included all the office supplies that you can always find on my desk.

Find a photographer that fits the style of your brand. If you brand is dark and moody, you will want that style of a photographer, if it is bright and natural, find a photographer that matches that. For my shoot I used Jordan Keenan Photography who knocked it out of the park with my branding photos. She was able to get me laughing naturally and brought out my personality in the photos in a style that I am proud to share on the business I worked so hard to create.

Get your hair and makeup professionally done if you are a woman. Even if you don’t wear a lot of makeup normally, you can still do something very natural with your hair and makeup that is beautiful and that will show better in photos. Hair and makeup artists are great at making sure your hair and makeup will last long enough for the entire shoot and they use products that will look best on camera. Unless you are going for a no makeup at all vibe – I would suggest looking into this – just helps you stand out more in photos!

Pick a location that offers a variety of photo options. Most of the time you will choose your office for yourSecrets to a Successful Branding Shoot branding shoot, which is great! But, if it isn’t super versatile consider picking a second location that will give you some variety. You don’t want the same type photos all over your website. If you love the outdoors, take some shots out there, if your favorite local coffee shop is the perfect spot for your brand, go there! Having some variety of backdrops will allow you to use more of the photos on your site.

I took photos at Cowork Creative which was perfect for a blank space as well as exposed brick, which if you know me, is one of my favorite things. Then, we went to my own home office for photos of my realistic behind the scenes look. I love all of the variety I got from both of these locations. Because I switched it up, I have content that will not seem too repetitive.


Get stock photography at the same time. There are going to be many places on your website where you want imagery that matches your brand, but that isn’t your face. Prepare props that speak to you and your brand and use them to create some great stock images to use on your website and blog. Things like folders, notebooks, pens, purses, sunglasses, laptop, etc.

Doing this at the same time as your branding shoot will save you time and you won’t have to purchase stock photography that doesn’t belong to you. You get more of a say in what is on your website.

Doing a branding shoot like this will also give you a ton of social media content which is invaluable when growing your reach. My biggest tip when doing a branding shoot is to be yourself and love the skin you are in. Have fun with your shoot because your authenticity will shine through the photos and consumers need that from companies they are purchasing from and investing their time into reading or keeping up with.Secrets to a Successful Branding Shoot

Photos by: Jordan Keenan Photography

Hair and Makeup: Jessica Rowe

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