how to be a successful vendor at a bridal show

A mini course on how to be a successful vendor at a bridal show is set to launch Fall 2020 - but with the pandemic going on and businesses having more time to educate themselves and prepare their businesses for when this passes - we thought we'd release a limited time only PDF. 

This offer will not last long. Again, we will be turning this into a mini course with recordings + more in depth training! If you purchase the PDF now, you will receive exclusive FREE access to the course when it is launched later this year. 

Topics discussed: 
- How to pick which bridal shows/wedding expos to participate in
- Booth design
- How to showcase your unique brand
- What marketing materials to bring to a bridal show
- Offering discounts and/or booking incentives
- Best ways to offer giveaways
- What should you do leading up to the event
- Follow up strategy/what to do with the bridal list
- Getting your best ROI/Break down of costs associated
- Bonus! Questions we are most frequently asked
- Bonus! Quick tips for bridal show success and etiquette

This 25-page PDF will help you understand what it takes to be successful at your next bridal show event. Why invest in participating in bridal shows if you aren't going to take it seriously and do what it takes to get your maximum ROI? 

Snag this PDF for a limited time only price + get the rest of the mini course FREE when it launches later this year! (That is over 50% savings)

the truth about wedding planning

I strongly believe that an educated bride leads to a stress-free and more enjoyable wedding planning experience. Being knowledgable and prepared for what you will come across while planning your special day will have you feeling confident and ready to make decisions! There are a lot of misconceptions out there regarding wedding industry practices and this PDF will break down many of those! ​

Topics discussed: 
- The truth about Budget
- The truth about Wedding Planners, Coordinators and Venue Coordinators
- The truth about Venues
- The truth about Photography, Videography and Photo Booths
- The truth about Catering and Bartending
- The truth about Desserts
- The truth about Rentals
- The truth about DJs and Bands
- The truth about Florists
- The truth about Hair and Makeup
- The truth about Wedding Attire
- The truth about Invitations, Day-of Stationery and Calligraphy
- The truth about Hotel Blocks
- The truth about Transportation
- BONUS! Quick truths about planning + exclusive offers

This is a 50-page PDF is meant to share valuable information about the wedding industry with couples who are planning their special days. We have broken it out into categories for you and we are getting down to the TRUTH! Remember, the more educated you are the better your planning journey will go. Congratulations on your engagement!

Plus, a list of exclusive discounts and offers that may help you in your planning experience is included!

vendor interview questions

There are many lists online that tell you what you should ask your wedding vendors before hiring them - but many of those lists are either overwhelming or seem outdated. Coming from a professional wedding planner who is involved in every aspect of your wedding plans - I wanted to provide brides with a more efficient and impactful list of questions to ask your vendors before signing on the dotted line!

Vendor categories included:
- Wedding Planner/Coordinator
- Photographer
- Venue
- Catering/Bartending
- Band/DJ
- Florist
- Rentals
- Hair/Makeup
- Desserts
- Photo Booth
- Transportation
- Officiant

16-page PDF that will help you understand what questions to ask your potential wedding vendors, so you can be confident in your planning decisions! Download will be sent right away.