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February 13, 2019

Tips to a Productive Day Working at Home

Working from home can be tough, I get it. I fall victim to that comfy couch, the TV and my puppy distracting me often. That’s normal. However, being distracted by those things like dishes or laundry can cause your business to suffer. Your business deserves your full attention even if you work from home. Here are some tips that may help you stay productive during the day!


Tips to Working From Home

Create a home office: Having a designated work space is really important – avoid sitting on the couch to work all of the time because you are prone to work less efficiently. If you don’t have the ability to have a complete room for your office, that is okay! You can have a small desk in a nook in your bedroom or in the kitchen or wherever there is space. Having a desk to sit at with your feet on the floor is going to help you stay productive.


Get dressed or at least change from what you slept in: I like wearing comfy clothes if I don’t have any meetings. The days that I don’t have to get out to the house I don’t want to be in work attire, but I have found that it helps if you at least change out of what you slept in. Working in your jammies will create a laziness – so even if you put on a pair of yoga pants, you should still change your attire and get ready for the day. Don’t just roll out of bed and expect to have a productive day.


Tips to Working From HomeComplete your morning routine before you start working: I discovered this after I would wake up and while still in bed I would check my email and then I would pause and go brush my teeth and eat breakfast, then I would go back to my emails and then I would go and shower and then go back to work. It was a struggle and I always got sidetracked. If you wake up and complete your morning routine so that when you get to open your emails you don’t have to stop to do other personal or house chores then you will work more efficiently.


If you start to feel unproductive, leave: If you start to get distracted by house chores or the tv, pack up your computer and head to a coffee shop or just leave for a bit to run a couple errands, clear your mind and get back in the mode. When you return you are more likely to get back into your rhythm, but it is also okay to go and work at a coffee shop or restaurant for a while. Sometimes a change of scenery can really help you focus.


Turn on music as background noise, not Netflix: Ugh – I mean I hate this tip, but it is so true. If you are just doing fun, piddle work that you aren’t in a hurry to finish, then sure. But if you really need to get down to business and work on some deadlines, turning music on rather than TV shows and movies is going to be way less distracting which will help you with those deadlines!


Take breaks and get fresh air: This is a big thing for me. I start to feel cooped up inside a house for a long time so I try to take breaks every couple of hours and head out to the backyard for some fresh air, give my eyes a break and even have a phone call with my mom. In a normal job setting everyone has coworkers and it doesn’t feel so lonely, so just a quick call with a friend or someone you enjoy can help with avoiding burnout.


I am not going to lie, working from home can get tough for me and I know many other small business Tips For Working From Homeowners who struggle with this as well. It is different, especially if you used to work full time in a corporate office. It is an adjustment and it is easy to fall into poor habits that decrease your productivity and also just make you go crazy eventually. Utilize these tips when working from home and it will most definitely show in your work!


You can even join a Cowork office to work from a couple times a week if your able, that way it is a change of scenery and gives you a little bit more motivation and focus.


Photos by: Jordan Keenan Photography

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